(01 to 05 of April 2024)

THE PIRATES RETREAT crew is proud to present a new event in a new stunning location in south Thailand.

As always, our venue is surrounded by amazing nature, private resort with swimming pool, restaurant on site, and PRIVATE BEACH, cut from the outside world, and only 1 hour transport from Phuket airport.

DRAGON STAFF, CONTACT, DOUBLES, BUUGENG, HOOP, POI, YOGA and much more will be in our daily program, with 35 hours classes in 5 days, all from internationally acclaimed teachers. Get ready to upgrade your skills, and to spin a looooot of fire.

Everything is included ( food, lodging, transport, classes, fire fuel, music, and a lot of fun !!!) so that attendees can come fully prepared to learn, laugh, hang out with each others and become a part of the pirate experience...AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

pirates retreat

This very spectacular retreat will take place on a private and secret location, 1 hour from Phuket Airport. Private beach surrounded by national park, pristine tropical water, and our own resort only for us.

For these 5 days it is all about sharing, teaching, training, and having fun with a small dynamic crew, surrounded only by preserved nature and circus artists.

The resort has different facilities that include a restaurant with tasty thai food, swimming pool, large shady area to train, lush gardens, beautiful bungalows with private bathroom and toilet, and all we need during this amazing adventure.

Music and DJ's will empower the fire jams and performances at night. Pirates Retreat fire jams are well known to be powerful... so let's do it again and again and again !

This IS a Pirates Retreat so remember: it's about spinning, training, having fun, going all out, being rowdy and creative, and sharing with each other in new ways....

pirates retreat
Pirates Retreat
Pirates Retreat
Pirates Retreat

more teachers for the pirates retreat 2024 will be announce soon.



Pirates Retreat

Tanya began her journey with fire spinning many years ago.

With her 10 years background in ballet dance, Tanya aka "spider cat" is well none for her elegant and wild style on the pirates fire stage.

She has been dedicated to aerials for the past few years, and will share her knowledge of the silk at our Thai edition.



Pirates Retreat

Dai Zaobab began his journey with fire in the 90's. Maker, creator, performer, he is been pushing the Buugeng and fire community for more than 20 years, and he is one of the top Buugeng maker out there.

With his knowledge of the prop and his experience in teaching, Dai will show you the art of Buugeng, with multiple classes and he will burn the Fire Jam until morning.




Pirates Retreat

Paola Berton began hula hooping professionally in 2008 during her time in the UK. Initially self-taught, she then followed courses all over the world, collaborating and learning from internationally renowned choreographers, dancers, acrobats, actors and jugglers. In 2018 she graduated in Thai Massage at the International Thai Massage School, a study that provides her with further important knowledge of the body that helps her in her teaching and practice.

 In several years of teaching she developed an effective method, based on the detailed simplification of every single movement and on the creative stimulation of the participants. In her workshops, a lot of importance is given to the creative part and all the exercises are aimed at increasing body awareness. She is the creator and organizer of the Italian Hoop Connection, event born in 2011 awaited and known by practitioners from all over Europe.



dragon STAFF

Pirates Retreat

Once upon a time, in a land far far down under, a weird species of spinner started to appear. Brett, from Australia is for sure one of the first of the species.

He's been pushing the Dragon staff community with new techniques and tricks for a long time, and he is for sure one of the best teacher out there.

Be ready for some brain melting classes, with a 8 hours intensive in 5 days..



Pirates Retreat

Simon is an early days Pirate. He tripped on a staff in 2005 and has been trying to figure out everything you can do with it for almost 20 years.

A performer and also a teacher, he is passionate about this practice as well as the learning process, and has been trying to break down the ancient knowledge of the Dinosaurs and bring it to the new generations, connecting the old school and the new. In the meantime he also developed his own form and techniques, with one, two, or three staffs.

Whether or not you go to his workshops, you’ll probably hear him, representing the Pirate Brigade and the Fish Tail Task Force.


Buugeng Manipulation

Pirates Retreat

Beginning his journey into the art of spinning more than 20 years ago, Jay specializes in and further developed advanced techniques of CONTACT Fire Stick and ISOLATION with Fire Poi (or Fire Chain). He has established a reputation in the International Juggling industry as a professional performance artist and skilled teacher for beginners to advanced master classes. A Teacher for over 13 years in many fire disciplines as contact staff, poi, double staff, Jay has specialized for the past 12 years in Buugeng. Focusing on manipulation (S curve staffs), Buugeng quickly became Jay’s main prop and focus, an amazing compromise after many years of Fire spinning and crystal ball manipulation,.




Pirates Retreat

This Australian sea dog has been spinning things since ye were a small lad. In 2009 he set sail to the small island of New Zealand, seeking the treasures of circus school. Armed with new shanty's he yo ho'd across the sea to 5 continents, sharing these new shanties with the swashbucklers and landlubbers in 17 countries along the way.

An avid tech geek, specialising in poi isolation's, Brian continues to discover new ways to bend the minds of his hearties. An original Pirate now back for his 11th Pirates.



Pirates Retreat

Pirates at heart, Poppy as been part of the team for a long time, sharing is knowledge, and burning the fire jam ground until dawn.

Born and raise in Thailand, Poppy start fire at the age of 13 years old, and haven't stopped yet. He found Samui circus school and he is a big part of the Thai fire community.

He will be joining our adventure, teaching the art of movement with Dragon flag, a mesmerizing stage prop, and very fun to train with.


  IMPORTANT: THAILAND doesn't require any COVID vaccination to enter the country. You are all welcome.


Thailand offer a 30 days free visa on arrival for many countries, please double check with your own embassy as special immigration rules are applied for some countries.

For more info about visa requirements, visit the following page: (click here)


As Phuket (HKT) is an international airport, you can land directly there, or land in Bangkok and flight to Phuket (you can find cheap domestic flights leaving multiple time daily from Bangkok). If you are flying from Bangkok to Phuket, be careful when you do your booking as there are 2 different airports in Bangkok, make sure that your domestic flight is leaving from the same airport or give yourself time for airport transfer.

Many buses are leaving everyday to Phuket from "Khaosan road" area in Bangkok, night buses, arriving early morning in Phuket.

For the ones who want to extend their Thai vacation, SONGKRAN water festival will be from the 13th to 15th of April.

Songkran, or Thai New Year, is Thailand's biggest and most important annual festival. It is traditionally celebrated for three days starting from the first full moon in April. This is because the country runs on the lunisolar Theravada Buddhist calendar.

 More info about SONGKRAN: (click here)