The concept is simple: spinning, sharing, training the body, relaxing on a island,and partying for 5 days in a remote part of the planet, totally cut off  from the outside world. From a private island, to a private mountain by the ocean, the setting is rather like a dream..

We offer world class international teachers with skills in many different disciplines, from Poi, Contact and Dragon Staff, Hoop, Feicha, Buugeng manipulation, Rope Dart, Staff juggling and multi staff, yoga, acro balance, and more...

To keep it simple for guests, the retreat includes everything from ground transportation, food, workshops...and of course adventure.


Pirates Retreat Bali (Indonesia).

17 to 21 0f April 2023

This very spectacular retreat will take place on a tiny private island a few hours boat ride from Bali.  The island has only one resort with 17 bungalows, which means the whole island is only for US.  For these 5 days it is all about sharing,teaching, training, and having fun with a small dynamic crew,surrounded only by preserved nature and circus artists.

The resort has different facilities that include a restaurant,yoga room, snorkeling equipment, turtle sanctuary,beautiful bungalows, and all we need during thisamazing adventure.

Music and DJ's will em-power the fire jams and performances at night. Pirates Retreat fire jam are well known to be powerful... so lets do it again and again and again !

This IS a Pirates Retreat so remember: its about spinning, training, having fun, going all out, being rowdy and creative, and sharing with each other in new ways....


Gili Nanggu is located off the coast of Lombok, a few hours boat ride from Bali.A Private island and totally apart from the rest of the world,

Gili Nanggu is a fabulous place to train, share, and have fun. Well known for its amazing snorkeling spots full of colorful fish and coral, and only 12,5 ha area, the island is like a giant garden in the middle of a tropical blue ocean.

Nanggu is managed with  Forest/Virgin Island" concepts of unexploited nature, serenity and beauty. They call it Gili Nanggu, which means “The Paradise Island”.

On the white sandy beach with calm waves you are guaranteed that this island is private and only occupied by the management and staff of the resort. It’s pristine beauty is a magnet to come and play and learn at the beach everyday. Only by going a few meters down to the shallow seabed, crystal clear waters will reveal multi-colored tame marine fishes, blue starfish, and a wide variety of other sea animals.

Sing-song twitter of birds will accompany you to embrace the sunrise on one side of the island,and a short walk to the other side of the island for natural silence during the golden sunset.


  IMPORTANT: Indonesia still require a double vaccination to enter the country. But is more likely it wont be required sometime soon as all Asia is already open without any vaccination requirement.  Please " click here " for more info.

Tuesday 22th of March 2023 will be Nyepi, Balinese "Day of Silence". The whole island will be quiet, everything will be close, Airport included. Manage your travel intelligently. More info about Nyepi: (click here)


Visa to Indonesia ( Bali ) : you don't need to apply to the Indonesian embassy as you can get a one month visa for free "on entrance" for the following countries. For most of the countries who are not on the list, a visa fee of 35USD will apply on arrival at the airport.

(PS: please double check with your own embassy as special immigration rules are applied for some countries).


If you want to stay more than one month in Indonesia, you ll have to buy the 35US dollar VISA on  arrival at the Denpasar airport (Bali), as the one month visa for free it s not EXTENDABLE



There is a lot of website as www.cheapoair, www.govoyages.com and many others who provide cheap tickets. You can also fly to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and take a plane to Bali from there with Air Asia, which as of now is one of the most affordable ways to get here. You can find round-trip from Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur to Bali.


 www.airasia.com is doing affordable flights at the moment from all around Australia to Bali.

 www.jetstar.com is also affordable flights from north cost Australia to Bali.


 Again, www.airasia.com will be the easiest way to travel in south east asia.

- FROM USA ( west cost) :

 The cheapest company you can find to travel from the west cost will be www.china-airlines.com . A lot of other companies also offer flights from the States to south east Asia.  One of the most affordable direct routes would be to fly to Bangkok, than to Bali (Denpasar).                                       

can provide very cheap deal from mostly everywhere

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