19 to 23 of september 2022

Everything is included ( food, lodging, transport, classes, dancing, and a lot of fire !!!) so that attendees can come fully prepared to learn, laugh, explore the surrounding french country side, relax, and become part of the pirates family...AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!


The Pirates Retreat EUROPE 2022 package includes the following :

( Pirates Retreat Europe 2022: 19 to 23 of September, 5days/4 nights).

- Transportation to and from "Moissac train station"

- Accommodation in comfortable shared rooms.

- 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

- Workshops everyday from 9am to 5.30pm ,yoga and acro morning lessons and professional spinning  andcircus arts workshops from internationally acclaimed teachers.

- Performances and fire jams at night( fire fuel included ), music and guest DJ's, Bonfire, theme night,etc.

All you have to do is bring your toys and enjoy... 

Workshops:  Various other disciplines including Aerial, rope dart, juggling, contact ball, dance were offered outside the regular program of Poi, multi Staffs, Contact staff/ ball, Hula hoop, Buugeng, yoga.a.

We are very enthusiastic with this new European edition, as Pirate Retreat always brings us a lot of spontaneous workshops that added themselves to an already very powerful master class schedule.

Our new location, another magical cattle in south of France is cut from the outside world, is promised to be lot of fire jam and DJ set,full of creativity and natural beauty.

Pirate Retreat Europe 2022, our second edition will be an unmissable event...


moreTeachers for the PIRATES RETREAT EUROPE 2022 will be announce soon.


Acro/Contact Staff

Alain is one of the pioneers of the contact staff and the acrostaff. He introduce more body movement in his practice, first to mix contact with flow work, acrobatics, and balance game.
Artist original, he have his own soft style with terribly technical movements
He became juggling ( poï, devil stick and diabolo) practice in free party in 1999, few years ago he discovered the staff with which he develops a particular feeling with contact staff in this time where spinning is king in the staff world.
This practice leads him to form in circus school, and clown school where he discovered other artistic practices and he developed is style with staff.
Now, after 12 years of work in different universes of live show ( fire, dance, circus, opera, street show..) and more practice, he have make his own company, Cie Les Rois Singes, and produced two show Variation sur lignes and Au pied du mur.
Loving to share hi experience, he offers workshops occasionally, where he favors presenting a work around movement and rhythm rather than around tricks, he is really glad to come to share in Pirates


seb and chrissi

Partner fishtail

Christiane Hapt and Sebastian Berger will teach you how to stable your own fishtail, and learn to see and understand the fishtail of your partner. Together we have to find a rhythm to share and play on. Stealing and providing the staff as well as throwing and catching will be the major parts of the workshop. Christiane and Sebastian developed this new way of partner contact staff by themselves and together they teach and perform it around the world. 




pirates retreat vojta

"Vojta is a renown poi artist who combines dance-based moves with juggling-inspired tosses, manipulations, and tech poi in a fluid and inspiring style. Having thought poi in dozens of retreats, workshops and online tutorials, he's an experienced poi instructor that aims to not only teach specific tricks, but explain concepts that are fundamental to poi and that'll deepen your understanding of it.

In addition to being a poi geek, Vojta has also worked as a professional performer for over 12 years, having done shows all over the world. "


sebastian berger

Staffs manipulation

pirates retreat

 Sebastian Berger has been a professional artist since 2006 and performs and teaches his art worldwide. In addition to his studies in Product and Furniture Design (Kingston University London/St.Pölten), he devotes himself more and more to the circus and performing arts. His expertise is object manipulation - specifically the staff. He developed many of today's "fishtail" balancing techniques and quickly gained an international reputation. In 2003 he founded the artist collective FENFIRE by forming the core team together with his partner Christiane Hapt from 2010 (cultural association FENFIRE). 

Since 2009 he has been head of the Juggling and Object Manipulation Department at the Circus Academy Vienna. In 2019 he won the European Championship title "best act" of the International Juggling Association - Regional Competition with his solo act Professor's Things.

And if you ask him about fishtails, there is a chance he won´t shut up for a while. 



Hula Hoop

pirates retreat

Perrine is a juggler, artist, comedian who is been training hula hoop for the past 6 years.

Passionate by the world of objects manipulation, her main focus is to explore movements around objects, using acting, clowning and different body expression combines with her hula hoop.

Perrine created “ debout dehors” spectacle company where she is mixing object manipulation with juggling and theater.

Be ready for some hula hoop extravaganza.


simon janson (aka "the poi king")

Contact Staff

Simon is an early days Pirate. He tripped on a staff in 2005 and has been trying to figure out everything you can do with it for over 15 years.

On this long journey he has been surrounded by pirates, meeting them in their natural habitat everywhere around the world. A trip that finally took him to a tiny island in Indonesia…

A performer and also a teacher, he is passionate about this practice as well as the learning process, and has been trying to break down the ancient knowledge of the POI king and bring it to the new generations, connecting the old school and the new. In the meantime he also developed his own form and techniques, with one, two, or three staffs.

He’ll be taking you from the fundamentals to the craziest things you can theoretically do with a stick.

Whether or not you go to his workshops, you’ll probably hear him, representing the Pirate Brigade and the Fish Tail Task Force.



Dragon Staff

It all started at the age of 15 when I discovered Diabolo and became instantly addicted to juggling.
After a degree in engineering in France in 2001 I decided to move to the beautiful South Pacific island of Tahiti where I worked for almost 15 years. I explored and practiced with various props when, in 2013, I got my hands on my first Dragon Staff. I fell in love with this prop right away. I began practicing every day, influenced by the work of Brettstar Galactica, Mickey Khoury and Jed Flowler.
In 2016 I moved back to Europe and dedicated my professional life entirely to Dragon Staff. I participated as a performer as well as an instructor in various juggling conventions, flow festivals and other retreats around the world.
I now share my time between finding original Dragon Staff moves and sequences, and running Flowbonacci, the brand I created in 2018.



Buugeng Manipulation

Beginning his journey into the art of spinning more than 20 years ago, Jay specializes in and further developed advanced techniques of CONTACT Fire Stick and ISOLATION with Fire Poi (or Fire Chain). He has established a reputation in the International Juggling industry as a professional performance artist and skilled teacher for beginners to advanced master classes. A Teacher for over 13 years in many fire disciplines as contact staff, poi, double staff, Jay has specialized for the past 6 years in Buugeng. Focusing on manipulation (S curve staffs), Buugeng quickly became Jay’s main prop and focus, an amazing compromise after many years of Fire spinning and crystal ball manipulation,.



Qi Gong / Tai Chi / Kung-Fu

Stéphane has been practicing Chinese martial arts since 4 years old.
He made his debut in Jeet Kune Do, until he was 14.
Stephane keep learning other martial specialties, such as Aikido, Muay Thai,
Capoeira, and encountered the
teaching of Carl Valverde from the Shaolin Kung-fu school when he was 24.
A lesson he followed for seven years. He became a school black belt
and a student instructor for four years, specializing in bare hand, staff,
sword, saber and nine-section chain forms.
Traveling the world for more than fifteen years, Stéphane continues his
martial training in different countries around the world.
It was in 2017, on his return to France, that he met Christian Desport,
fifth duan of Tai Chi from the school of Hun Yuan, Chen style and
president of the federation of Chinese energy and martial arts, with
whom he follows his teaching to this day.