Everything is included ( food, lodging, ground transportation, classes, dancing, and a lot of fire !!!) so that attendees can come fully prepared to learn, laugh, explore the island, relax, and been part of the pirates family...AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

The Pirates Retreat Bali 2023 package includes the following :

( Pirates Retreat Bali,17 to 21 April 2023)

- Transportation to and from Bali .

- Boat  from Bali to the island (go & back).

- Accommodation in comfortable bungalows.

- 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

- Workshops everyday from 9am to 5.30pm ,yoga and acro morning lessons 

and professional spinning  and circus arts workshops from internationally acclaimed teachers.

Performances and fire jams at night( fire fuel included ), music and guest DJ's, Bonfire, theme night,etc.

All you have to do is bring your toys and enjoy... 

Workshops: An amazing array of disciplines including Aerial hoop, rope dart, juggling, water acrobatics, trapeze, dance were offered outside the regular program of Poi, multi Staffs, Contact staff/ ball, Hula hoop and Buugeng, yoga and circus acro and much more.

We are very proud to announce that the Pirates Retreat 2019 gave us a lot of spontaneous workshops that added themselves to an already very powerful master class schedule, so this island really is a place for full creative expression. 

This 2023 edition will bring us more teachers and surprise, even more things to learn and the continual building of our pirate community...

 teachers for the PIRATES RETREAT BALI 2023 will be announce soon.

brian neller


Arrr, he's back! Your mums favourite pirate.

Passionate about your mum, and spinning things, this Australian sea-dog has been spinning things since ye were a small lad. In 2009 he set sail to the small island of New Zealand, seeking the treasures of circus school. Armed with new shanty's he yo ho'd across the sea to 5 continents, sharing these new shanties with the swashbucklers and landlubbers in 17 countries along the way.

Back in the land he called home, this Buccaneer was at the helm of a Circus & Fire festival called Objectify. A 3 day fire festival hidden away in the rainforest in Australia.

An avid tech geek, specialising in poi isolation's, Brian continues to discover new ways to bend the minds of his hearties. An original Pirate now back for his 10th Pirates.

pirates retreat 2023
pirates retreat 2023

tanya & shouniez


We have the chance this year to have 2 amazing teachers and performers who teaming up to teach FANS classes.

Shouniez part of the "fiery pixies" will share her knowledge of moves and tricks, and Tanya aka "spider cat" will bring to her classes her amazing stage presence and wild fire fans moves. Be ready to upgrade your tricks bag.

pirates retreat 2023

simon janson


Simon aka "The Poi King" is an early days Pirate. He has been playing with sticks since 2005 and has been traveling, meeting and playing with jugglers around the world for more than 15 years.

A performer and also a teacher, he is passionate about this practice as well as the learning process, and has been trying to break down the ancient knowledge of the Dinosaurs and bring it to the new generations, connecting the old school and the new. In the meantime, he also developed his own form and techniques, to push the limits of continuous contact-staff.

Beginner or advanced, whatever you’re trying to do with a staff, he’ll probably find you something to work on…

(Click here to see video)

pirates retreat 2023

dai zaobab


Dai Zaobab is a Fire and Buugeng performer from Japan. He created the name of Buugeng and launched it to the world in 2007 when he was based in South Africa. Buu means Martial Art. Geng means Illusion in Japanese. He started flow art back 1999 in London. Since he played Fire and Buugeng and performed, travel all over the world. This time Pirate will be his third times on the Island.

Together with Jay Firecat they are bringing back " the return of the JayDai" project, with a 8 hours intensive classes.

(Click here to see video)

pirates retreat 2023



Maestro Brettstar is one of the pioneer of the dragon staff community. All the way from down under Australia, he has been pushing the discipline forward for the past many year, and is part of the pirates crew for many years.

Be ready for some brain melting classes, with a 8 hours intensive in 5 days. If you want to level up, this is the place to be.

(Click here to see video)

pirates retreat 2023

The fiery pixies


We are Shaheen and Shouniez, husband and wife,2 playful Pixies from Cape Town South Africa. In September 2013 we sold all our belongings, packed our bags to answer our souls calling for adventure and new possibilities. Since then, we have been travelling the globe learning, playing and sharing our passion for flow arts, movement and circus through performing and teaching. Nothing makes us happier than to share and pass on our passion and to let people know that magic still exists. 

(Click here to see video)

pirates retreat



Arrr matey! Kylah be a sea-dog of movement, a prowlin' expert in the art of Pilates, yoga and the like. She's got a fire in her belly for usin' movement as a path to freedom, strength, and pure unadulterated glee. Sailed from the port of Perth, Australia, her classes are a rollicking good time, full of honest, hearty fun and guided by a deep understanding of the body's inner-workings. With 16 years of experience as a scallywag in the world of fitness, she's ready to lead ye on a journey ye won't soon forget.

pirates retreat 2023



Garuda aka Chillosophia, collects mostly 360° eclectics sounds. Part of he Bali psy scene since the late 90′s, the culture of psychedelic goa trance provided a home for this chillout, ambient garden & Downtempo project we call Chillosophia, and for the main dance-floor oriented sounds we call Garuda. Musically, his taste keeps mutating and evolving, his favorite styles are intricate fusion of both oriental & esoteric infused beats best known for his DJ sets that range from deep spacey Ambient to down-tempo Trance and groovy morning full-on psychedelic. so there's a lot more mind bending sets on the way!

(Click here to check his tunes)

pirates retreat 2023



Jay Firecat was born in France in a family where art was a part of everyday life.  After extensive travels around the world, Jay discovered 20 years ago in Thailand the power of fire and meditated deep within the art of spinning and twirling, using it as a way to bring magic and rhythm into his own life as well as the lives of those he performs for. For the past 9 years he has expanded into  Buugeng, a new Japanese s-shaped double staff  that highlights the grace and flow of the curved line. This discovery has opened many doors for Jay to perform in large festivals and collaborate with a diverse panel of artists inside the International Juggling industry. Jay Firecat has become recognized as an international performer and teacher and has performed and provided training around the world in more than 35 countries and on 5 continents.