Everything is included ( food, lodging, ground transportation, classes, dancing, and a lot of fire !!!) so that attendees can come fully prepared to learn, laugh, explore the island, relax, and been part of the pirates family...AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

The Pirates Retreat Bali2018 package includes the following :

( Pirates Retreat Bali 2018: 09 to 13 of April)

- Transportation to and from Bali ( Ubud/Seminyac ).

- Boat  from Bali to the island (go & back).

- Accommodation in comfortable bungalows.

- 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

- Workshops everyday from 9am to 5.30pm ,yoga and acro morning lessons 

and professional spinning  and circus arts workshops from internationally acclaimed teachers.

Performances and fire jams at night( fire fuel included ), music and guest DJ's, Bonfire, theme night,etc.

All you have to do is bring your toys and enjoy... 

Workshops: An amazing array of disciplines including Aerial hoop, rope dart, juggling, water acrobatics, trapeze, dance wereoffered outside the regular program of Poi, multi Staffs, Contact staff/ ball, Hula hoop and Buugeng, yoga and circus acro and much more.

We are very proud to announce that the Pirates Retreat 2017 gave us a lot of spontaneous workshops that added themselves to an already very powerful master class schedule, so this island really is a place for full creative expression. 

This 2018 edition will bring us more teachers and surprise, even more things to learn and the continual building of ourpirate community...

More teachers for the PIRATES RETREAT BALI 2018 will be announce soon.Keep yourself updated.

laura benestan (france)


Circus artist, fire dancer and yoga teacher, Laura is a passionate and dedicated hoop performer.

She hold a diploma to teach circus in France and she love mixing her hula hoop practice with other discipline such as juggling, Chinese pole and contemporary dance. Laura is currently training at Quebec Circus School (Canada) and has taken many hoop workshops with top level professional teachers around the world.

She uses her background in circus to develop a wide range of movement patterns.



(9hrs intensive, all levels)

Brian is an Australian, circus trained fire artist who seems to always be going in circles. Tech geek at heart, dissecting patterns and looking for difficult ways to recreate them is what he loves.

Having taught & performed around the world, a love of fire has developed into a passion for play.

Brian organizes Objectify, an Australian flow festival built around our innate desire to connect & play.



(9 Hours intensive, all levels)

(9hrs intensive, all levels)

"Lucas Devillers is a french / brasilian juggler who start learning Staff in 2010, and kept exploring since everydays. In the last 5 years he did travel, perform and teach around Europe, South America and South Est Asia while learning and mixing juggling with dance, capoeira or evenmartial arts. "



(9 Hours intensive, all levels)

(9hrs intensive, all levels).

One of the pioneer of the US fire community, David started spinning fire over 13 years ago.

Specialize in staffs technique in particular, from contact to dragon and other staff manipulation, he is pushing the staff community forward, from tricks terminology to tutorials.

Founder of Wizard of flow, one of the most popular props making shop in the market, David will be back to the Pirates retreat for the secondtime, but this time, we got the luxury to havehim as a contact staff teacher.

BRETTSTAR (Australia)


(9 Hours intensive, all levels)

ve, all levels).

In the Worlds before Brettstar, primal chaos reigned. Spinning sought order, but the Dragon may roll only when its ways are known. The two poi span again and yet again, as endless aeons span and antispan. Time and the pure essences of Kevlar, the moisture of Isopar, and the powers of the Thrust and the Burnoff all worked upon a double contact staff – as old as Manipulation, and it became magically fertile.

That first egg  was named Flow. Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha, said, ‘With our flowwe make the tech.’ Elemental spin forces caused the egg to hatch: from itthere came a lanky Brettstar.

The nature of Brettstar was... irrepressable! Born from an egg on a mountain top, BrettStar is one king that ever rocked, He knew every contact trick under the sun, Teased the Lobo and everyone, and had some fun.


Buugeng manipulation

(All levels).

Beginning his journey into the art of spinning 17years ago, Jay specializes in and furtherdeveloped advanced techniques of CONTACT FireStick and ISOLATION with Fire Poi (or Fire Chain).

He has established a reputation in the International Juggling industry as a professional performance artist and skilled teacher for beginners to advanced master classes. A Teacher for over 10 years in many fire disciplines as contact staff, poi, double staff, Jay has specialized for the past 5 years in Buugeng. 

Focusing on manipulation (S curve staffs), buugeng quickly became Jay’s main prop and focus, an amazing compromise after many years of Fire spinning and crystal ball manipulation,.

AIFIQUE (Malaysia)

Clubs/balls juggling/POI.

(All levels).

A driven and creative individuals from an early age, Aifique Khaikal is both a virtuoso performer and a dedicated leader. With 9 years of experience in circus arts, he has been exploring various forms of movements in this art form andcontinues to push the limits. From his humble beginnings in poi spinning to (now) juggling, he  stands out with his incorporation of contemporary dance in his performance.

Aifique is currently the Managing director of Malaysia's leading fire and lights troupe Psycusix.

As a team, they nurture the Malaysian circus arts community and work to bring awareness of the art to the public. From Singapore to the United States, Aifique Khaikal has been traveling the world to learn, teach and perform. He continues to delve into unknown,  aiming togain and create new innovation in the circus art scene.

MARGE (Italia)

Yoga, Massage & Acro.

(All levels).

Marge is a Yoga and Acroyoga certified teacher, Thai/Balinese massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. She likes to explore the limits between verbal and non-verbal communication and is fascinated by movement and shapes, dancingrhythms and energy exchanges.

CHRIS CARLOS (Australia)

Acrobatic & Handstands

(All levels).

"Chris Carlos is a professional acrobat and fire performer. He also runs Australia’s biggest fire spinning convention Spin Festival.

Specializing in hand to hand acrobatics, chair stacking handstands and fire, He was at the very first Pirates and he is stoked to be there again  with us forthis 7th edition.


fabio art (france)

dragon staff

Fabio was born in France. He began playing with diabolo when he was 15 years old. In 2002, he moved and settled in Tahiti where he started fire spinning with poi. The traditional Polynesian fire dance has been a great influence for him. Fabio got his first dragon staff in 2013 and became highly addicted with this prop. In 2014, he became part of the Tahitian group « Te Tama Ahi » with whom he performed regularly in hotels, festivals and cultural events. In 2016 he left the pacific islands and moved back in Europe. Since he has been featured as a dragon staff instructor at juggling conventions, flow festivals and retreats where his workshops were highly appreciated. Fabio is one the world dragon staff tech researchers and has been recognized as the creator of some fresh and original dragon staff moves. He also created an innovative new dragon head design called « Flowbonnacci ». A recent poll placed Fabio in the top ten most inspirational dragon staff spinners in the world. He is definitely a recognized face in the world dragon staff scene.

DJ BABURS (Malaysia)


Baburs may look very serious on the outside but deep down inside he is a cheeky playful monkey.

This can be seen with his way of working. Serious  in continually sharpening his skills and  knowledge by studying mixes to learn different  styles and flow of mixing, but playful in his mixes  with unexpected, funny, shocking moments. Baburs plays Dark Progressive and Full On, both day and night sounds, however, he is best known for his  Chill Out mixes and most notably for his crazy,  eccentric dancing behind the decks. He doesn’t  play a specific style and instead mixes many  different sounds, ranging from Psy-Dub, Glitch,  Deep Trance, Ambient and so on. This weird  combination is an invitation to the listener to  embark on a journey through the realms of his mind.